What else is the Town doing to reduce the cost?

The Town has partnered with Eversource to generate a maximum of $1.6 million of energy incentives/rebates and the Town Council has approved a Community Preservation Act grant in the amount of $700,000 to offset the cost of the fields.

Town officials worked with its State Legislators to advocate for an increase to the grant from the MSBA. These efforts resulted in over $3 million of additional grant funding.

The Elementary School Building Committee (ESBC) has reviewed project costs and identified over $5 million of cost saving measures from the initial estimate.

The Town will continue to pursue other funding opportunities such as new legislation that allows municipal entities to utilize payment in lieu of tax credits for energy sustainability improvements.

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1. What is the estimated total cost of the new elementary school?
2. Is the Town getting any grant money to reduce the cost to the Town?
3. What else is the Town doing to reduce the cost?