Why is there a water ban in effect?
The Connecticut River Region is in an official Drought Watch issued by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. For the past five months the region has received significantly less rainfall than normal. Very little rainfall after a winter with little precipitation means that we are in a period with extremely low groundwater and stream flow levels.

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1. We've recently had rain. Is the water ban still in effect?
2. When did the voluntary ban go into effect?
3. Why is there a water ban in effect?
4. When did the mandatory water ban go in to effect?
5. How serious is the water situation in Amherst?
6. Where does our water come from?
7. Can Amherst get its water from other sources such as the Quabbin Reservoir, another community or the Connecticut River?
8. Is it possible for the Town to truck water in by tankers?
9. How much water does the Town use on a daily basis?
10. Will my efforts to save water make any difference?
11. Are other areas in the state affected?
12. Are droughts typical in New England?
13. How long will the ban last?
14. May I water my vegetable garden?
15. May I water my lawn?
16. May I wash my car?
17. May I fill my pool?
18. May farmers use water?
19. Will I be fined if I am caught using water in violation of the ban?
20. What has the Town done to reduce its water consumption?
21. Is the Town working with the business community on this issue?
22. Are Amherst College, Hampshire College and the University of Massachusetts taking steps to reduce their water usage?
23. What can I do to help reduce my water usage?