National Register of Historic Places

Amherst's Historic Districts & Properties
The Amherst Historical Commission is responsible for nominating individual properties, landmarks, and districts for designation on the Massachusetts and National Registers of Historic Places.

Many Massachusetts communities are lucky if they have a handful of listed properties or a single historic district. Since its inception in October 1972, the Commission has successfully nominated 9 National Register Districts and 7 individual properties to the National Register of Historic Places. Maps of Amherst’s National Register Districts are available for download (PDF) or are available in the Amherst Planning Department, Town Hall.
Year Listed
Dickinson District 1977
East Village District 1986
Lincoln-Sunset District 1991
Amherst Central Business District 1991
North Amherst Center District 1991
Cushman Village District 1992
Prospect-Gaylord District 1993
South Amhert Common District 1995
Westside 2000
Individual Properties
Year Listed
Emily Dickinson Homestead 1966
The Evergreens (Austin Dickinson Home) 1977
Ithamar Conkey-Abiel Stevens House 1979
Strong House (Amherst History Museum) 1984
Theodore Baird House 1985
Goodwin Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church 2000
West Cemetery 2000

Map of Amherst's Historic Districts & Properties

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