Permits and Licenses

Health Fee Schedule

Permit/License Fee
Bakery $150 Annual
Bed & Breakfast $175 Annual
Catering $150 Annual
Frozen Desserts $100 Annual
Mobile Food Service $125 Annual
Residential Kitchen $75 Annual
Restaurants $300 Annual
No charge for initial inspection or first re-inspection.
$75 fee for each additional inspection required. 
Retail $200 Annual
Supermarket $900 Annual
Recreational Camps  
Recreational Day Camp $300 Initial
$10 Each additional session
Recreational Residential Camp $300 Initial
$75 Each additional session 
Septic and Haulers  
Garbage Removal $200 Annual
Septic Plan Review $200 Per Review
Septic Installer $175 Annual 
Offal Removal $225 Annual 
Swimming Pools  
Swimming Pool Installation $100 Per Pool
Swimming Pool (Seasonal) $350 Annual
Swimming Pool (Year Round) $625 Annual 
Wading Pool $100 Annual 
Hot Tubs $200 Annual
Temporary Events  
Temporary Food Handling $50 per event (Profit)
$40 per event (Non-profit)
Porta Pottie/Hand Sinks $150 Flat Rate
Ice Rinks $350 Annual
Livestock/Poultry Registration $10/1 time
Motels and Cabins $150 Annual
Tobacco $300 Annual