Tax Work-Off Plan


The Town of Amherst has accepted the "Senior Tax Work-off Program" as outlined in Massachusetts General Laws; Part I; Title IX; Chapter 59; Section 5K of the acts of 1999. Residents 60 years of age and older are eligible to work off up to $1500 in property taxes a year at the minimum wage rate provided they meet certain guidelines. Eligible individuals, age 60 and over, can each participate and earn up to $1,500.00 each when both names are on the property deed.


Income Guidelines:

Household sizeAnnual Income
Single $52,750.00
Married Couple$60,250.00


Hourly rateMaximum number of hours
$15/hour100 hours 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be sixty (60) years of age or older
  • Own and occupy the property as your principal residence
  • Must be able to perform job responsibilities. No other person can work on your behalf.
  • Complete a CORI check and interview with Senior Services Director

Other Information:

  • Only one (1) tax credit up to $1500 per household per calendar year is allowed. 
  • Individuals will be chosen based on the best match between applicants and job requirements
  • There will be a two (2) week probationary period to assess the appropriateness of the placement. Persistent tardiness or absenteeism may result in participants being reassigned or removed from the program.
  • Timesheets are required to be filled out for each day worked. Participants must have their supervisor sign off on their daily timesheet. All timesheets are due to the Senior Services Director by November 30th for final review and submission to the Assessor. 
  • Money earned through Tax Work Off Program is reportable income for federal taxes only. Participants will receive a W-2 Form for the amount of money earned through the program.

It is the policy of the Town of Amherst to be an equal opportunity employer.