Resident Aid Assistance Program

New! The Town of Amherst has recently added an additional $100,000 to this program starting on December 1, 2023, bringing the full allocated budget to $300,000. Please read below for the full details. 

Family Outreach of Amherst, in Collaboration with the Town of Amherst, has been allocated 300,000 from the American Rescue Image of a clip board with the word assistance written across the top, eyeglasses, pens and coffee Opens in new window Plan Act (ARPA), to help Amherst residents with overdue rent, mortgage, or utility bills.  These funds will have a direct impact on our Towns’ residents, as most everyone in our community has been affected by COVID. 

Applicants must demonstrate that financial hardships are a result of COVID or the economic impacts of COVID. A minimum of 50% of the funds will be reserved for BIPOC, women, LGBTQ, or other marginalized communities.  Financial ability will also be considered when awarding grants.  

Grants will be for a maximum of $3,000 and accepted on a first come first serve basis, until funds are depleted. 

Residents should 1) download and fill out the application, and then 2) contact Family Outreach of Amherst at (413) 548-1275 to schedule an appointment.  


Family Outreach of Amherst, en colaboración con la ciudad de Amherst, ha recibido $150,000 de la Ley del Plan de Rescate Estadounidense (American Rescue Plan Act, ARPA) para ayudar a los residentes de Amherst con facturas de alquiler, hipoteca o servicios públicos atrasadas. Estos fondos tendrán un impacto directo en los residentes de nuestros Pueblos, ya que la mayoría de los miembros de nuestra comunidad se han visto afectados por el COVID. 

Los solicitantes deben demostrar que las dificultades financieras son el resultado de COVID o los impactos económicos de COVID. Se reservará un mínimo del 50% de los fondos para BIPOC, mujeres, LGBTQ u otras comunidades marginadas. La capacidad financiera también se considerará al otorgar subvenciones.  

Las subvenciones serán por un máximo de $3,000 y se aceptarán por orden de llegada, hasta que se agoten los fondos. 

Los residentes deben 1) descargar y completar la solicitud y luego 2) comunicarse con Family Outreach of Amherst al (413) 548-1275 para programar una cita.  

Download Application Form