Valley CDC-Ball Lane

Valley Community Development Corporation (CDC) is proposing to develop 30 affordable homeownership units on 20-40 Ball Lane (the approximate 8-acre property located at the corner of Pulpit Hill Road and Montague Road). The project is seeking a Comprehensive Permit per M.G.L Chapter 40B for the development of affordable housing.  The Comprehensive Permit allows all local permitting to take place with the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Valley CDC is a local non-profit corporation formed in 1988 that addresses the growing needs of low and moderate income people through developing and preserving affordable rental and ownership housing and providing economic opportunities through small business assistance (summarized from Valley CDC's website:

See the concept site plan below.

Ball Lane Rendered Site Plan 04.10.23

Reference Material for 40B Comprehensive Permit 

Information regarding the 40B Comprehensive Permit application submittal requirements and associated timelines can be found in the ZBA Rules and Regulations effective August 26, 2022.

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) Training on GL C40B Comprehensive Permits, held on April 30, 2020:

Timeline of the ZBA process for reviewing the 40B comprehensive permit:

Within 7 days of the receipt of the Comprehensive Permit application, the ZBA needs to distribute copies of the Comprehensive Permit application to all Local Boards, departments, and committees.

Within 14 days from receipt of the application the initial public hearing must be advertised with proper legal notice and proper notice to abutters.

Within 30 days from receipt of the application, the ZBA must open the initial public hearing.

Within 15 days from the opening of the public hearing, the ZBA may choose to invoke any safe harbor or other claim that the municipality is consistent with local needs pursuant to the statute.

Within 15 days from ZBA action the applicant must file its written response (challenge) with the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

Within 30 days from filing of an applicant’s challenge DHCD must issue its decision re: the applicant’s appeal.

Within 180 days from initial public hearing the ZBA must close the public hearing (Except with the written consent of the applicant for an extension)

Within 40 days from closing of the public hearing the ZBA must “render a decision” (Denial, Approval, or Approval with Conditions), based on a majority vote.

Within 14 days of its decision, the ZBA must file a copy with Town Clerk

Within 20 days from date the ZBA decision is filed with the Town Clerk the application or public can appeal the ZBA’s decision.