Civil War Tablets

The Town of Amherst is pleased to announce public viewing hours for the exhibit of the Civil War Tablets starting July 26, 2021


The Civil War Tablets were donated to the Town of Amherst by the Grand Army of the Republic in 1893 to commemorate the 300+ soldiers from the Amherst region who served in the Union forces, including those African Americans who served in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment and 5th Calvary. 

Amherst residents Christopher, John, Henry James, and Charles Thompson who served in the 54th Regiment, are among those memorialized in the plaques. The Thompson brothers were among the troops to arrive in Texas in 1865, one of the final hold out states to admit defeat during the Civil War. They were among the troops to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and formally mark the day that all slaves in the United States were freed, which is now a national holiday, Juneteenth. The Thompson brothers are laid to rest in the West Cemetery in the Amherst. 

Amherst resident, Dudley Bridges, Sr., spent the last years of his life advocating and fundraising to honor these handcrafted memorials with prominent and befitting placement within the community. The exhibit is curated and guided by Debora Bridges, daughter of Dudley Bridges Sr. and descendant of the Thompson's. 

Visiting Information

Location: Bangs Community Center at 70 Boltwood Walk in Amherst, MA 01002

Hours: Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Grand Army of the Republic (circa 1912)

Grand Army of the Republic panarama

Civil War Tablets Exhibit 

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