Application Fees

Design Review Board

Design Review


Planning Board


Site Plan Review (SPR)

      Minor For-Profit Use
$150 for less than 2,500 sq. ft. of new/altered lot coverage; $200 for more than 2,500 or less than 5,000 sq. ft. of new/altered lot coverage

$300 Legal ad 
      Non-profit Use
Min. $300, or $100/5,000 sq. ft. new/altered lot coverage+$200/5,000 sq. ft. of new GFA, whichever is greater

$300 Legal ad 
      Major For-Profit Use
Min. $500, or $150/5,000sq. ft. new/altered lot coverage+$300/5,000sq. ft. of new GFA,
whichever is greater

$300 Legal ad 
Site Plan Review for Cluster Subdivision


$300 Legal ad 

Planning Board Special Permit (SPP)


$300 Legal ad 
Zoning Board of Appeals


High Impact Uses
  • Residential uses with more than six units (ex.: Town houses, apartments, subdividable / converted dwellings, hotels or motels, hostels, congregate housing for the elderly or disabled, fraternities / sororities)
  • Institutional Uses (ex.: Medical or residential institutions, cemetery, private lodge, or club)
  • Government and public service uses
  • Research and industrial uses

$300 + $50/new dwelling unit
$75 Legal ad

Moderate Impact Uses
  • Residential uses with six or fewer units (ex: Town houses, apartments, subdividable / converted dwellings, hotels or motels, inns, hostels, two-family detached)
  • Dwelling units in combination with stores or other permitted business or commercial uses
  • Lodgers / boarders / roomers / bed and breakfast
  • Supplemental apartments
  • Retail, business, and consumer service uses
  • Motor vehicle related uses
  • Extensive uses
  • Flag lots  

$150 + $50 / new dwelling unit

Flag lots:
$150 per flag lot

$75 Legal ad

Low Impact Uses
  • Applications for/by owner-occupied single family properties - ex: accessory uses, other than supplemental apartments, fences, signs
$75 Legal ad           

  • Variances  
  • Appeals from a decision of the Building Commissioner
  • Amendments or modifications to existing permits= Same fee as use


Appeal decision by Building Commissioner:
Comprehensive Permits and Affordable Housing Projects* Fee

Limited dividend organizations $9 per unit           

Non-profit organizations $3 per unit

Public agencies and Local: Local Initiative pursuant to 760 CMR 45.00
*Projects including 10% or more affordable units as defined under Section 12.20, Amherst Zoning Bylaw are considered Affordable Housing Projects.


*$500 + $50/new dwelling unit

Town Projects

The application fee for certain Town projects may be waived administratively by the Director of Conservation and Development.



Form A / ANR             $100/first two lots + $25 for each
extra lot beyond two

Form B - Preliminary $500 + $75/lot             
Form C - Definitive $1,000 + $150/lot            
Form C - Definitive w/o Preliminary $2,000 + $200/lot            
Form C - Amendment $500 + $100/affected lot                   
Inspection $8/linear foot of new road
Scenic Roads
Historical Commission


Demolition Delay Review (DDA) $50