History of Amherst Street Trees

The Amherst Ornamental Tree Association is formed among Amherst’s more well-to-do and socially aspirant citizens. In November this year, Town Meeting grants that permission, subject to oversight and approval by the Selectmen. Subsequent improvements include regarding to improve drainage, planting of shade trees etc.

The Amherst Ornamental Tree Association renames itself the Village Improvement Society. More regular mowing and planting of shade trees is done in the center of town and on each common.

A major hurricane devastates the region, and topples 1,500 public shade trees in Amherst.

The Special Committee is established to replace trees lost to the hurricane. A total of 200 new maples and elms are planted. The original 19th century pattern had a double row of large public shade trees edging the common.

Downtown streetscape improvements include the planting of flowering ornamental crab apple trees in sidewalk tree wells.

Amherst Town Center Streetscape Design Guidelines Manual is published, the result of several years of collaboration between the Disability Access Advisory Committee, Design Review Board and several other Town Boards/Committees.

Amherst Scenic Roads ( as voted at Town Meeting, November 4, 1974)
  • Amity Street
  • Bay Road
  • East Pleasant Street
  • Henry Street
  • Middle Street
  • North East Street
  • Pine Street
  • Plumtree Road
  • Sandhill Road
  • Shays Street
  • Shell Street
  • State Street
  • Strong Street