Sector Map and Assignments

At the Amherst Police Department, we believe that our community can be best served with the presence of a consistent team of officers in each of their neighborhoods. Officers who have ownership in their specific sectors can best serve their community by being more readily acquainted with their area and those who reside in it.

Some examples of specific Officer responsibilities for their sectors are as follows:
  • Respond to emergencies, calls for service, and provide back-up to other sectors.
  • Provide high-visibility proactive patrols of entire sector.
  • Direct patrols to specific problem-oriented areas.
  • Conduct specialized police services when necessary to solve specific issues; including, plain clothes assignments, surveillance, bicycle patrols, etc.
  • Conduct traffic enforcement activities throughout entire sector
  • Identify quality of life issues, hazards, potential problem areas, and other areas of concern.
  • Become familiar, and network with, members of the community, businesses, and other agencies in order to provide problem-solving solutions to issues.
To see the Amherst Police Department Organizational Flow Chart please click on the following: APD Organizational Chart.