Lincoln Avenue Traffic Calming

Project Summary Sheet

Name: Lincoln Avenue Traffic Calming Project  

Upcoming events:    Lincoln Ave to be milled August 2013

Past Events:   

Project Scope/Information:  For 30 plus years the residents south of the University of Massachusetts (UMass) and north of Amity Street have voiced traffic concerns in their neighborhoods.  In 2007 the Town looked at several possibilities for addressing the issues.  The Town has taken the approach of trying the different solutions and collecting data on the outcomes for analysis.  These experiments have shown the following:

  1. Vehicle speeds are 30 MPH over the posted limit.
  2. Vehicle volume is very high on Lincoln Ave and Fearing Street
  3. The use of speed cushions along Lincoln Ave. reduced the overall speed of vehicles on the street.
  4. Placing partial closures on Lincoln Ave.and Sunset Ave did not reduce vehicle volume or speed.
  5. The partial closures caused the neighborhood to be divided and placed a larger burden on the Northern end.

Since the Town has not found the correct tool(s) to address the vehicle speed and volume concerns in this area, we are proposing another experiment.  This time the Town will install full closures between the neighborhood and UMass.  The closures will be on Lincoln Ave at North Hadley Rd, on North Hadley Road adjacent to the UMass parking lot and possibly at Sunset and Mass Ave.  This experiment will be installed in the April 2011 time frame and will stay in place over the summer and into the fall of 2011. 

  • Funding:    None

    Lincoln and Sunset Ave. Traffic Study

    Speed Cushion Traffic Study Results

    Revised Conceptual Plan

  • Street Closures Conceptual Plan Drawing #1

  • Street Closures Conceptual Plan Drawing #2