The Amherst Fire Department is comprised of 3 unique forces, each of which has a specific function and all of whom work together to provide top notch Fire, Rescue and EMS protection to the citizens of Amherst and our neighboring communities. The 3 forces are the Permanent or "Career" force personnel of full-time firefighter/EMTs, the Call Force of part-time firefighter/EMTs, and the Student Force of volunteer firefighter/EMTs.
Permanent Force
Our Permanent Force is our full-time career firefighter/EMTs. These men and women staff our 2 stations 24-hours a day working a rotating shift schedule. These firefighters handle most of the daily fire and ambulance calls that we receive. Click here for more information on our Permanent Force. 

Call Force
The Call Force is a group of part-time firefighter/EMTs that are on-call 24-hours a day. They are called in to duty via radio pagers for working fires, other emergencies, or to staff the stations when the full-time firefighters are committed to other calls. Click here for more information on our Call Force.

Student Force
The Student Force is a group of volunteer firefighter/EMTs comprised of students primarily from the University of Massachusetts. They staff an engine in the station nights and weekends during the academic year and are on call via radio pagers for working fires and other emergencies. Click here for more information on our Student Force.