Conservation Areas

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 Conservation Site  Parking?
 Established  Size
 Amethyst Brook Conservation Area
Available Off of Pelham Road
 1988   44 Acres
The Robert Frost Trail Runs through the Conservation Area
 Applewood Conservation Area
Available from Spencer Drive, off West Bay drive
  6 Acres Home to Orchard Arboretum
 Atkins Flats Conservation Area
Available from South East St.
 1989  55 Acres Connects to Robert Frost Trail
 Baby Carriage Conservation Area
Limited parking available from South East St.
 1973 1.2 Acres Local Trail access
 Bayberry Conservation Area
Located off Pelham Rd. at the Amethyst Brook Conservation Area
 1996  6 Acres Connected to Amethyst Brook by the Robert Frost Trail along Ward St. 
 Brickyard Conservation Area
Available from South East St. and at Mill Ln.
 1994  89 Acres  Can be accessed via Norwottuck Rail Trail, Wentworth Farm and Kiwanis Park
 Cider Mill Pond Conservation Area
 Available on High Point Drive
 1996  20 Acres  Connection to Walt Whitman trail and Kings Reserve Area
 Cushman Conservation Area
 NO 1996   31 Acres Designated wildlife habitat
Dakin Lyman Conservation Area   Available from Mechanic St. Ext.
 1997  28 Acres Connection to State Trail 
 Eastman Brook Conservation Area
 Available from Leveret Road
 1982  56 Acres  Connects to Robert Frost Trail and Ellsworth Barnard Trail
 Elf Meadow Conservation Area
 Available from Hulst Rd.
 1973  26 Acres  Connection to Joseph Longland Trail
 Fortier Conservation Area
   1994  25 Acres  Trail Access from Bay Road
 Gralenski Farm Conservation Area
 Available from Mt. Holyoke Drive
1993   6 Acres  Connection to K.C. Trail
 Guliver Conservation Area
 NO  1992  9 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
 Gull Pond Conservation Area
 NO  1993  4 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
 Harkness Brook Conservation Area
   1992  26 Acres  Connection to Robert Frost Trail; trail Access from Harkness Rd.
 Katherine Cole Conservation Area
From Sunderland Rd. and Rt. 116
1974 30 Acres
King’s Reserve Conservation Area
 NO  1996  14 Acres  Contains Walt Whitman Trail -- trail access from Cider Mill Area from Flat Hills Road
Larch Hill Conservation Area
 Located at the Hitchcock Center from S. Pleasant St.
 1973  13 Acres  Contains extensive local trail network and extension to North Larch Hill Area
Lawrence Swamp Conservation Area
 Located on Station Rd., Warren Wright Rd., and South East St.
1997   41 Acres  Robert Frost Trail and Jan Disard Trail run through area
Leslie Farm Conservation Area
 Located on Middle St. and Holst Rd., access from South East St.
 1993  9 Acres  The K.C. trail runs through the conservation area/
Longley Swamp Conservation Area
NO  1984  2 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Lower Fort River Conservation Area
 Available at Groff Park and Crocker Farm School
 1971  11 Acres  Contains Literary Trail
Lower Mill River Conservation Area
Located at Puffers Pond and Lower Mill River Recreation Area
 1975 53 Acres   Robert Frost and Literary Trails run through Lower Mill River
Markets Pond/Pondview Conservation Area
 Located on Pondview Drive
 1971   5 Acres Local trail and mown recreation field
Mt. Castor Conservation Area
   1963  13 Acres  Contains a portion of the K.C. trail and Hop Brook area. Trail access from Valley View drive
Mt. Pollux Conservation Area
 Located on South East St.
1963   23 Acres  Trail access from Middle St. and South East St.
North Larch Hill Conservation Area
 Available at Larch Hill area
1975   6 Acres  Contains Bob McClung trail; trail access from Hillcrest Place

North Plum Brook Conservation Area

Available at Plum Brook Recreation Area; trail access from Shays Street, Crocker Farms School, Mt. Holyoke Dr., Pomeroy Ln. and Potwine Ln.
 1993  36 Acres  Contains K.C. trail (trail access from Gralenski area)

Adjacent to Westover Meadow Area and Connection to South Plum Brook area via K.C. trail

Parsons Knoll Conservation Area
 NO  1991  4 Acres  Contains local trails, with connections to the Eastman Brook area, Ellsworth Barnard Trail, and Robert Frost Trail.
Plum Springs Conservation Area
 Located off of Chapel Rd.

1984   33 Acres  Contains local trails and a portion of the K.C. Trail (trial access from Middle St., Blossom Ln., and South East St.
Podick Conservation Area
 From Sunderland Rd. and Rt. 116
1971   62 Acres  Contains local trails, the Noah Webster Trail, community gardens, and a connection to Katherine Cole area
Poor Farm Conservation Area
 Available at Station Rd. Warren Wright Rd. and South East St.
1993   7 Acres  Contains both Jan Disard and Robert Frost Trail
Puffers Pond Conservation Area
 Available at Mill St. and State St.
 1995  30 Acres

Swimming and Beach Area

H.H. Jackson Trail and Robert Frost Trail both run through site

Ramsey Steigner Conservation Area
 NO 1991   2 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Robert K. Patterson/ Cherry Ln. Conservation Area
 NO  1991  65 Acre  Designated Wildlife Habitat

Rodman-Gatti Conservation Area

 NO  2003  1 Acre  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Rolling Ridge Conservation Area
 NO  1993  2 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Salem Conservation Area
 NO 1989   7 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Simmons Farm Conservation Area
 NO  1990  14 Acres  Contains part of the K.C. trail
Skillings Path Conservation Area
 Located at Middle School
 1969  .69 Acres  Local Trail (access from N. Whitney St. and High St.)
Slobody Farm Conservation Area
 Available on Station Rd.
1969   76 Acres  Contains Arnold Kenseth Trail and connects to Norwottuck Rail Trail
Smith Conservation Area
 NO  2007  3 Acres Designated wildlife habitat
South Plum Brook Conservation Area
 NO  1980  43 Acres  Contains portion of the K.C trail
Sweet Alice Conservation Area
 NO  1992  44 Acres  Contains local hiking trails
Upper Fort River Conservation Area
 Available at Kiwanis Park
1988  14 Acres   Contains local hiking trails
Upper Mill River Conservation Area
 Available at Puffer’s Pond and Mill River Recreation Area
1995   39 Acres  Contains portion of Robert Frost Trail
Wentworth Farm Conservation Area
 Available from Stanley St. and Old Farm Rd.
1990   65 Acres  Contains a portion of K.C. trail
Westover Meadow Conservation Area
 NO  2005  12 Acres  Designated Wildlife Habitat
Wildwood Conservation Area
 Available from Olympia Drive
1987   49 Acres  Contains local hiking trails