Recent Preservation Projects





Please scroll over the map with your mouse to see a more detailed map showing the following open space and recreation projects completed since 2004:



Agricultural Preservation Restrictions (APR‘s) 

  • Hart-Murphy - 42.5 acres
  • North Amherst Community Farm - 34.5 acres. CPA funds
  • Cowls APR - 45 acres
  • Tietjen - 28 acres
  • Total Acres Preserved: 150

Conservation Purchases

  • Simmons Property - 12.11 acres. Fee acquisition with $136,000 Self-Help funding
  • Smith Property - 3.6 aces. Fee acquisition with CPA and DCR funding 
  • East Leverett Road - 28.6 acres. Fee acquisition with CPA and $427,000 Self-help funding 
  • Total Acres Preserved: 44
  • Tietjen Property – 17 acres in Lawrence Swamp
Conservation Area Improvements 
  • Built ADA walkway at Orchard Arboretum Conservation Area
  • Expanded ADA walkway at Larch Hill Conservation Area

Public Parks

  • Received a gift of the 3.6 acre Kendrick Park
  • Expanded Town trail system with the addition of four miles of trails, such as the new trail section in the Mill River Conservation Area; improved a section of the Brickyard Trail for bicycle use; and extended the Robert Frost Trail to create more access points near residential neighborhoods. 
  • Established a new GIS mapping system and online GIS Viewer, allowing the public an opportunity to interact with and download maps for such things as mapping a hiking route or locating recreational fields.