Amherst Cultural Council


The Amherst Cultural Council allocates state Arts Lottery funds, but it is directed to support and nurture arts activities in the community by seeking private or other public funds and initiatives. 

FY2024 Grant Cycle

To see the awards we issued in the FY23 grant cycle, click here

For an overview of the process, view this short video - CLICK HERE 

Accessibility Webinar 

Accessibility issues remain central to the ACC’s mission and vision. Applicants are strongly encouraged to provide reflections on the accessibility of their programs in their applications. For guidance on accessibility, applicants are encouraged to view the recording from our 2022 Accessibility Roundtable. Click here to get the slides from the presentation, and additional resources on accessibility are available here


Term Expires
Christy Anderson 2021 2024
Julianne Applegate, Co-Chair 2019 2025
Matt Holloway, Co-Chair 2020 2026
Kimberly Manyanga 2023 2026
Leah Neuburger 2020 2025
Cody Rooney 2022 2025
Eleanor Walsh, Secretary 2022 2024
Rachel Wang 2020 2026
Sylvie Wolff 2023 2024