Route 116 Resurfacing

Route 116 Resurfacing

Project Scope & Background

Amherst - Resurfacing and Related Work on Route 116

Note: Construction overseen by Mass DOT, comments or questions should be directed to the Amherst DPW at 413-259-3050, ext. 0.

Work under this project will consist of micro-milling 1.5” from the existing paved surface and repaving with a 1.5” asphalt standard top course and a 0.75" paver placed friction course. Work will also include partial and full depth pavement repairs as needed along with new pavement markings. The project limits are as follows: Route 116 from mm 16.30 to 17.03 and from mm 17.28 to 19.04 for a project length of 2.49 miles.

Current Construction Estimate

Initial construction Estimate, $1,822,423.20. This project is planned to be funded through the 2010 Transportation Improvement Program for the Pioneer Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Funding Source

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Final Plans

116 paving.jpg